Runway Panel – Timber Panelling

Create clean, crisp, continuous channels and shadow lines with Stack Panel Runway Panel. This innovative and sophisticated product can be ordered with optional satin-finished highlights (in either black or white) to create a stunning wow factor. Add contemporary, multidimensional allure to commercial or residential buildings and allow the timeless beauty of Western Red Cedar to ensure the longevity and universal appeal of your space.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Interlocking profile for consistent alignment and integrity
  • Interlocking tongue has been specially designed to allow for secret fixing
  • Outstanding acoustic properties
  • Perfectly straight lines and shadows
  • High wood density and course texture
  • Made from environmentally friendly Western Red Cedar
  • Classic design

Ideal Applications

  • Commercial foyer’s
  • Retail Spaces
  • Cafés and Restaurants
  • Designer houses & apartments
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Office fit outs
  • Auditorium acoustic linings
  • Kitchens & bathrooms
  • Feature Walls & bulkheads
  • Stair Wells
  • Alfresco Areas


Runway Panel is available in raw Western Red Cedar or Hemlock. In the Western Red Cedar it is also available in a range of pre finished ‘Two Tone’ satin finishes for out of weather application only – see below.

For orders above 40m2 (or 500 lineal metres) speak to us about our range of oil and varnish stained finishes that we can apply in the mill. However, your own custom finish can also easily be applied.  See below for inspiration from CUTEK Colourtone range. The colours here are a representation of 2 x coats on Western Red Cedar. All natural wood tones can vary greatly even within species so the end result can vary greatly.

Standard Finishes

Customer Applied Custom Finishes by Cutek

Other Details

Technical Information


runwayprofile2  runwayprofile1


RNW PNL 81 x 26 & RNW PNL 81 x 18

Install Detail

Runway Install


81mm wide x 26mm thick (cover) or 81mm wide x 18mm thick (cover)


Western Red Cedar or Hemlock


Runway Panel is made from premium grade 26mm thick or 18mm thick Western Red Cedar or Hemlock. Panels can be run horizontally or vertically on walls or ceilings.


Raw, Pre-oiled, Satin Clear Coat, Black/Clear, White/Clear

Panels per m2

12.34 lineal metres per m2 cover

Weight per m2

Approx 6.8 kg (26mm thick) or 5.43 kg (18mm thick)

Recommended Fixing

Secret pinning or combination of secret pinning and flexible builders adhesive (ie equivalent of Bostik Ultraset SF).


Internal or external applications.  Walls or ceilings. Prefinished lacquer finishes are for ‘out of weather’ applications only.

Installation Guide

This guide outlines basic measures that must be taken to ensure a successful installation of Runway Panel, Wave Panel, Mountain Panel, Contemp Clad & Groovy Clad to internal walls, ceilings and out-of-weather applications including alfresco ceilings

Getting started

1. Prepare the wall or ceiling

  • If you are attaching the internal timbers directly to the studs or ceiling battens, make sure the studs are straight and clean. Studs must be no greater than 600mm apart for
  • If the wall panellings are to run vertically, make sure you have sufficient sturdy noggins, or the wall has horizontal battens.
  • To apply timber panelling directly over plaster, find the studs and ensure the nails can fix into the studs readily. Or, fix battens over the plaster and fix the panelling to the battens.
  • For concrete blocks, concrete tilt slab, or bricks, batten over the wall first. Use flush mechanical fixings, and follow the manufacturer’s directions.
  • For metal studs, fix battens over the studs, as you cannot readily fix each board to the metal unless a glueing technique can be established.

2. Consider colours and lengths of the panelling

  • Western Red Cedar comes in a beautiful array of amber colours that gives a warm ambient affect. As you install the panelling, ensure you take advantage of the colour variations in the timber boards, to achieve a satisfying visual effect.
  • Prior to installing, consider the lengths that have been supplied. Plan ahead to best use these lengths to achieve even patterns and minimal wastage.
  • Make sure you know which side is the face so you don’t install it back to front (it has happened).

3. Consider prefinished timber or DIY coating

Your options are:

  1. Prefinished timber from Stack Panel Australia: We provide a commercial UV-cured clear or tinted finish, which is tough and scratch resistant. It’s suitable for internal walls or ceilings, or external ceilings (verandahs, alfrescos, out-of-weather applications), and matching trims are available.
  2. DIY / onsite coating: Choose a stain, paint or clear lacquer for your timber project. Ask your paint supplier for advice.We recommend coating the back of your timber panelling before putting it up to seal the product. This gives added dimensional stability and reduces risk of water ingress from leaking roofs.The face of the panelling can be painted before or after installation.

Panelling on battons1

4. Glue and nail up the boards

All our internal timber panel profiles are designed for secret nailing. This leaves no nails exposed and no holes to putty (starter boards and trims excepted).

Your options are:

  1. Cut the boards very neatly so there is no need to have trim pieces to cover the edges where the panelling starts and finishes. This is considerably more difficult, but gives a very clean and impressive finish.
  2. Put the boards up, and then run a small timber bead around the full perimeter of the panelling to cover any cuts, chips and pin nails. You can choose from a multitude of different trims and coat them to match or contrast.
  • Start on one side of the room, and make sure the first board is straight and square. Squeeze adhesive along the battens or studs. Place the groove side against the wall. This edge of the board may need to be shaped slightly if the wall is not straight or square. On the first board, put nails into the face of the groove side, as well as the tongue side. Each board that follows will need nails in the tongue only. Put the tongue nails in accurately so the next board covers the nail head.
  • Place the second board so the groove fits firmly over the first tongue. Use glue and nails as previous.
  • Continue across the ceiling or wall.
  • If joins are needed, butt together carefully on a stud or batten, and glue well. At joins, take extra care to ensure the nails do not split the tongue.
  • When finishing on the far side, you will again need to put nails into the face of the boards. Done carefully, the only nail heads that will be visible are at the start of the wall and the finish. Cover these with a trim.
  • Always use a construction adhesive as well as the nails. This adds to the rigidity of the project.

Note: The first and last boards can be glued in place. This will mean there are no nail holes in the first and last boards, giving a very professional finish. You will need to support those boards securely until the adhesive takes over.

5. Commercial ceiling installations

Timber ceilings can be readily installed where there is a metal track system.

  • Runway panelling (with channels), can be screwed through the channel to the metal track. One screw per board, per track is sufficient (See Figure 2). This works particularly well with the Runway Black/Clear or White/Clear product as the screw heads can be painted the same colour as the channels.
  • For Wave Panel, Mountain Panel, Contemp Clad or Groovy Clad that cannot use face fixing screws, it is necessary to securely scew a timber batten to the bottom of a metal track, then proceed as per timber framing projects (See Figure 3).

Panelling on metal track

Secret Nail Panel on metal track1


Can I get specific lengths of panels?

Yes. We can provide panels in fixed lengths but this must be greater than 900mm long and be dividable by 300mm or 0.3m.

What happens if I don’t specify a length?

You will get what is known as a ‘random pack’. This means you will get an assortment of lengths with the average being from 2.4m – 3.6m in length. However, you will also receive anything down to 900mm in length up to 4.2m.

Where can I use the pre finished Two Tone panels?

These can only be used in an ‘out of weather’ application where they don’t get exposed to rain and the extremes of weather.

Do you supply adhesive with the order?

We don’t supply adhesive as this is readily available from any hardware store.  Refer to our Installation Guide for recommendation of adhesive.