Sleek Series Panel – Timber Subway Tile

Simplicity with a contemporary edge, the Sleek Series timber feature wall panel identifies with both modern and classic looks. Bringing together the warmth of Western Red Cedar with a timeless smooth faced surface, Sleek Series is designed to suit any space and leave a lasting impression. Inspired by the appearance of traditional tiles, Sleek Series has a rebate surround which gives the unique shadow lines, creating interest and impact whether installed in the Stackbond or Brickbond format. The sleek effect of these panels is achieved with either horizontal or vertical installations.


  • Quick and easy Installation
  • Adds warmth and style
  • High-end architectural aesthetics
  • Raw timber finish creates organic feel
  • Can be stained or coated to any finish
  • GreenTag certified

Ideal Applications

  • Commercial foyer’s
  • Retail Spaces
  • Cafés and Restaurants
  • Designer houses & apartments
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Office fit outs
  • Auditorium acoustic linings
  • Feature Walls
  • Stair Wells
  • Alfresco Areas


Sleek Series Panel is available in raw Western Red Cedar but your own custom finish can easily be applied.  See below for inspiration from CUTEK Colourtone range. The colours here are a representation of 2 x coats on Western Red Cedar. All natural wood tones can vary greatly even within species so the end result can vary greatly.

Other Details

Technical Information


Sleek Series Panel 1


SLK PNL 555 x 120 x 26

Install Detail

Sleek Series Panels


Overall – 575mm wide x 140mm high x 26mm thick  Cover – 555mm wide x 120mm high x 26mm thick


Western Red Cedar


Sleek Series Panel is made from premium grade 26mm thick Western Red Cedar. Panels can be run in either a brickbond (traditional brick pattern) or stackbond (each panel aligned one on top of the other).



Panels per m2

15 panels per m2

Weight per m2

Approximately 8.25kg per m2

Recommended Fixing

Flexible Builders Adhesive (ie Bostik Ultraset SF) applied with a notched trowel on a clean substrate.


Internal or external applications.  Walls or ceilings.

Installation Guide

This guide outlines basic measures that must be taken to ensure a successful installation of Sleek Series Panel (same as for Original Panel) to internal walls, ceilings and out-of-weather applications including alfresco ceilings.

Getting Started

OP Install_Fotor

  1. The panels must be installed onto a clean, solid surface, e.g. brick, rendered brick, fibrous cement sheeting or plywood. It can also be installed onto gyprock, if it has been secured correctly.
  2. Adhesive must be applied to the back of each Panel with an 8mm notched trowel and then placed on the wall. Each panel when laid should be tapped into place so the adhesives take hold.
  3. If proceeding with a horizontal application, set the first layer of Panels with a level sitting on 5mm packers to allow for an expansion gap.
  4. Start to lay Panels in a staggered brick like form leaving a 8mm gap at the top of the wall for an expansion gap.


  • All Panels should be cut on a drop saw for timber and ripped down with a circular saw. External corners should be mitered using the same Panel to match or using the half in half system where the bottom half of the Panel gets cut out to form an external corner.
  • Internal corners can be made using a DAR 40 x 40 WRC length.  This can be sourced from a cedar timber merchant or from Stack Panel.
  • The glue that Stack Panel recommends is Bostik Ultraset SF. 1 litre of glue for every 1m2 is sufficient.
  • All safety equipment should be used including earmuffs, eye protection and a dust mask.


What quantities do you sell these in?

We sell by the square metre with 15 panels to the sq m. Once above 5 sq m we do sell by the half sq m (4 panels).

Do these come as pre assembled panels or tiles?

Yes they do. Each panel is 555mm wide x 120mm high (effective cover) with a thickness of 26mm.

Do you supply adhesive with the order?

We don’t supply adhesive as this is readily available from any hardware store.  Refer to our Installation Guide for recommendation of adhesive.