Care & Maintenance – Western Red Cedar

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Stack Panel products are made from Western Red Cedar. The cedar timbers used in Stack Panel have an earned reputation of stability (very low shrinkage/swelling and warping/twisting factors), resistance to decay, insulation advantages and dampening of vibrations and noise.

Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) is one of the world’s most unique softwood species, renowned for its natural beauty and exceptional durability. This exceptional wood has rich tones ranging from mellow ambers, to reddish cinnamons and sienna browns. Its texture is uniform and fine- grained, with a satin lustre.

Stack Panel Australia has obtained a Platinum Greentag Certification. Greentag Global is an independent third party, green building and other sustainable product rating and certification program. 
This means that all of Stack Panel products have undergone rigorous testing in several key areas. These include:

  • Health & Eco toxicity
  • Social Responsibility and Labour Conditions
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission
  • Building Synergy
  • Life Cycle Impact
  • Biodiversity & Sustainable Timber Certification

Stack Panel products after having undergone the above testing has been given a PLATINUM STATUS which means that it has been rated as a world leader in those key areas. Basically having Greentag Certification allows us to provide a means of proof / certification that our products are in fact “eco-friendly” as these days it can be difficult to prove otherwise with various standards and opinions as to what it means to be environmentally friendly. To find out more visit:

Product Care

Western Red Cedar is classed as a stable softwood and therefore may mark or dent if subjected to heavy knocks and heavy loads such as when used as a work surface. Stack Panel recommends its products for use as feature wall paneling and decorative finishes only.

Product Maintenance

The product has been coated with an interior finish. Dusting with a cloth on a regular basis is recommended. No further maintenance of the product should be required, however if exposed to extreme sunlight a light coating of oil/varnish/lacquer may be applied to retain the products integrity.

At Stack Panel Australia we are committed to providing high quality and environmentally friendly products that are made in Australia. Not only do we want to provide our clients with a product that brings interest, warmth and acoustic benefits to any interior, but we also want to ensure our products are environmentally responsible.