Install Guide – Original & Sleek Series Panels

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This guide outlines basic measures that must be taken to ensure a successful installation of Original Panel & Sleek Series Panel to internal walls, ceilings and out-of-weather applications including alfresco ceilings.

Getting Started

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  1. The panels must be installed onto a clean, solid surface, e.g. brick, rendered brick, fibrous cement sheeting or plywood. It can also be installed onto gyprock, if it has been secured correctly.
  2. Adhesive must be applied to the back of each Panel with an 8mm notched trowel and then placed on the wall. Each panel when laid should be tapped into place so the adhesives take hold.
  3. If proceeding with a horizontal application, set the first layer of Panels with a level sitting on 5mm packers to allow for an expansion gap.
  4. Start to lay Panels in a staggered brick like form leaving a 8mm gap at the top of the wall for an expansion gap.


  • All Panels should be cut on a drop saw for timber and ripped down with a circular saw. External corners should be mitered using the same Panel to match or using the half in half system where the bottom half of the Panel gets cut out to form an external corner.
  • Internal corners can be made using a DAR 40 x 40 WRC length.  This can be sourced from a cedar timber merchant or from Stack Panel.
  • The glue that Stack Panel recommends is Bostik Ultraset SF. 1 litre of glue for every 1m2 is sufficient.
  • All safety equipment should be used including earmuffs, eye protection and a dust mask.