Terms & Conditions of Sale

Stack Panel Australia Pty Ltd  – ABN 18 639 880 461

  • Ordering of Stack Panel Australia Pty Ltd product is deemed as acceptance of the tolerance and stability of the timber products.
  • All orders are to be paid in full on receipt of the Stack Panel Australia Pty Ltd invoice (unless by prior written arrangement). Orders will not be processed until payment in full is received.
  • All due care is taken in the manufacturing of the Stack Panel product range. However, as this is a natural product and susceptible to slight movement and change over time, no claim may be made against the manufacturer/owner for any future alterations/changes in the timber panels. Please note that there may be some slight movement due to variances in climates and temperatures at the location of installation.
  • Ordering of Stack Panel Australia Pty Ltd product is deemed as acceptance of the variations in the finished colour of the product. Colours of samples and colours printed in any media (including but not limited to brochures and websites) is indicative only of the colour of the product once stain/coating is applied and dried. Colour variations may also occur due to the cedar base timber being of variable colours naturally.
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the product purchased from Stack Panel Australia Pty Ltd meets with any specific Australian Building Code requirement for their project.
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check any quoted quantity of boards or panels to ensure that the quoted quantity is correct and adequate to complete the job. Stack Panel can not be held liable for any take offs from plans or drawings.
  • Order quantity is the responsibility of the purchaser. Stack Panel Australia Pty Ltd is not responsible for estimating the quantity of product required for purchase of its products. Should any drawings/plans be sent to Stack Panel Australia Pty Ltd for our recommended calculation, the estimated quantity provided by Stack Panel Australia Pty Ltd is not final and must be confirmed by the customer prior to purchasing. Stack Panel Australia Pty Ltd recommends an additional 10% wastage allowance be included with all Orders, especially with colour coated products.
  • Delays in freighting of goods and delivery date of receipt of goods may occur. This is deemed to be beyond the control of Stack Panel Australia Pty Ltd and no claims may be made in regard to this occurrence.
  • Any additional freight charges incurred due to the inability by the freighters to deliver the goods on the first attempt will be invoiced by Stack Panel to the client after the delivery. Additional freight charges include hand unloading and/or freighters forklift usage as it is a requirement of the client to handle the receipt of the goods.
  • Claims for damaged goods must be made within seven days of receipt of goods. Packaging must be kept for return of damaged goods. Damaged goods are to be returned to Stack Panel Australia for inspection at the purchaser’s cost. Credits will only be applied if, in Stack Panel Australia Pty Ltd’s opinion, or in actual evidence, that the goods were damaged prior to receipt of goods by the receiver.
  • No Claim may be made on sale of Factory Seconds* as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions includes acceptance of Factory Seconds having minor faults in the finished product, including glue marks
  • The receiver is required to handle the product with due care. Where possible, product should be kept packed until use to protect the cedar from damage.
  • When unpacking the product, the panels need to be handled with care and are not to be stacked without appropriate packaging between layers. Avoid heavy weights being placed on top of panels.
  • All of Stack Panel Australia’s products are sold with the understanding that the buyer will independently determine the suitability of the product for the buyer’s purpose.
  • We will not accept the return of the Goods delivered to you if the Goods delivered have been accepted or deemed accepted by you or you wish to change your mind and cancel the Sales Order, unless we choose to do so in our sole discretion.
  • If we do accept a cancellation of your Order, you agree to arrange a return of the Goods, at your cost and risk, to our nominated returns depot or store, as we nominate, and you agree to return the Goods in their original condition, in their original unopened and sealed packaging, accompanied by the original Sales Order docket receipt or another form of proof of purchase. You also agree that we are entitled to deduct from any refund of the Payment made by you, the cost of the original delivery and an amount that we reasonably believe reflects the loss to us in accepting the cancellation, including any storage costs and any mark down of the price of the goods.